By Jonathan Stein

Los Cabos is back open for business and has many incredible activities and hidden gems waiting to be explored.  Surfing is one of the best activities to do in the summer.  In less than an hour drive from San Jose or San Lucas are dozens of distinct beaches with different swells, breaks and great waves to catch.  Right in front of Palmilla there are a few points but more experienced surfers escape the crowds and head to Nine Palms or La Fortuna just outside of San Jose.  For those in San Lucas a little road trip to Cerritos offers a stunning long beach with bigger waves that don’t break too quickly.  It’s a stunning drive and an easy morning day trip.

The best place to start or end your day is at El Wine Shop, in San Jose. The amazing Mexican grown coffee selection is ground at the moment for full flavor and made on a beautiful Marzocco by any of the great baristas. Flat white, Mocha, Latte, Pour over, you name it, they got it, as well as iced coffees to keep you cool in the heat. El Wine Shop also has an incredible selection of wine for every occasion; from value to luxury, all the labels are high quality. Skip the Starbucks and go for the local, artisanal brew where you could also pick up a bottle for your evening.

Courtesy Photo by El Wine Shop.
Courtesy Photo by El Wine Shop.

Golfing in Los Cabos offers a variety of options. While there are many courses, a perennial favorite of travelers and avid golfers alike is Puerto Los Cabos. The location just after the San Jose Marina and provides a remote and quiet golfing experience that is accessible and fair but has plenty of fun and beautiful views.

Courtesy Photo by Puerto Los Cabos.

The summer provides a great harvest in Los Cabos and you can take full advantage of it by finding organic markets such as El Huerto in San Lucas located near Del Mar school. Apart from selling locally grown organic produce, there are food stands from several iconic restaurants such as La Lupita. There are also handmade quesadillas, tamales, arts and crafts and more. It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon experience for anyone even remotely interested in food. 

Courtesy Photo by Mercado Orgánico.

Downtown San Jose was recently renovated and has a beautiful center square in front of the old church. There are a plethora of art galleries to explore, restaurants, cafes, bars and street food that are open and taking their precautionary measures. A gem to find, open for private reservations only at this time, is Yumana Kitchen. A simple, clean design is matched with exquisite, rich food that is all sourced from the Baja and features many Mexican classics with a twist such as the Mole Almendrada. This combined with the extremely friendly, attentive owners make this one of the best new places in Los Cabos.

Courtesy Photo by El Encanto Los Cabos.

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